What Is Going On With Stone Hill Apartments' Water in Killeen, Texas? – ktemnews.com

We discussed the effects of the bitter cold that went through the state of Texas recently. One place that was terribly affected was Stone Hill Apartments in Killeen. Recently, the complex has run into issues regarding its pipes.
KWTX spoke to Lori Keith, who has been dealing with the burst pipe issue since last Friday. Keith told KWTX that she called apartment maintenance that night, who informed her about the burst pipes, and that the water had been turned to help workers fix the problem. However, the next day, maintenance failed to show, and Keith's carpet remained wet.
The leasing office, who were in contact with her through emails, told Keith to file a claim through her insurance, USAA, to fix the carpets. USAA has yet to respond at the time of writing.
Meanwhile, another couple came forward, Scotty and Allani Malone talking about their issues with the pipes bursting. According to KWTX, not only were their carpets waterlogged, their ceiling was also affected. Maintenance did appear Monday evening, but no changes have been noticed by the couple.
All three have been encouraged by the leasing office to use the public bathrooms available in the two vacant units. However all three are wary of using those restrooms.
Lori told KWTX there's lines for the bathroom, while Scotty and Allani are concerned with the cleanliness of them.
KWTX reached out to Stone Hill Apartments for comment, with the complex stating they "not available for an interview or statement" due to the complex having "all hands are on deck."
As this is a developing story, we will have more info when it becomes available.


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