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The University of Scranton will partner with the international defense and security company, Jacobs, to prepare students and professionals for careers in cyber intelligence, law enforcement and cybersecurity. Through the partnership, initiated by U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright, Jacobs will offer advice on the fast-changing field to support and keep current the University’s cyber-related undergraduate and graduate curriculum in cybercrime investigation, homeland security and cybersecurity. Jacobs will also be a source of internships for University students and a source of job placement for University graduates. In addition, Jacobs will engage-in and support the University’s summer Cyber Investigation Camp for local high school students.
“It was my privilege to play a role in establishing a partnership between The University of Scranton and Jacobs. This strategic partnership has great potential to raise the profile of educational and professional training opportunities in the region as well as affording good-paying job opportunities.” said Rep. Cartwright. “Nearly every aspect of our lives is online and, sadly, cybercrime and cyberterrorism are real threats in this day and age. That is why this training is so important for this growing industry when it comes to defending personal information, public institutions and the nation.”
Jacobs provides a full spectrum of professional services including consulting, technical, scientific and project delivery for the government and private sector. Their services range from intelligence to infrastructure, sustainability, cybersecurity and space exploration. They work with government entities, corporations and law enforcement agencies globally. In the United States, Jacobs supports 12 of the 18 U.S. intelligence agencies for cyber threat hunting, cybersecurity operations and solutions, cyber intelligence analysis and cyber-offensive and defensive training development.
“For years at Jacobs, we’ve started every meeting with a Culture of Caring moment – a daily reminder of ways to keep ourselves and our communities safe including mental health, emotional wellbeing, professional development, inclusion, and diversity. We look to this partnership as a way to mentor and enlighten the cyber professionals of tomorrow,” said Retired General Bruce Crawford, Jacobs Senior Vice President for Strategic Development and Critical Mission Solutions.
“Collaboration between academia and industry is key to addressing the pressing global challenges – cyber threats and cyber defense – that face our society,” said Dr. Sinchul Back, assistant professor/director of cybercrime and cybersecurity for Scranton’s Department of Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Criminology.
Jacobs will also support the University’s second annual Royal Cyber Investigation Camp for local high school students planned for July 12 to July 15 this summer. In addition to funding support for the camp, which is offered free of charge, Jacobs staff members will participate as instructors. Jacobs will also host the high school students at their office in the Washington, D.C., area on the final day of the camp.
The University of Scranton began to offer a bachelor’s degree in cybercrime and homeland security in the fall of 2020 and will begin to offer a master’s degree program in cybercrime investigation and cybersecurity beginning in the fall 2022. Students participating in these programs have access to hands-on programming and research opportunities offered through the University’s Center for the Analysis and Prevention of Crime.
“Well-prepared cyber intelligence and cybersecurity professionals are needed locally and across the country. To fill this gap, University’s like ours need to partner with industry leaders like Jacobs. Our shared culture of caring for individuals at the University and at Jacobs, ensures that this partnership will result in substantial benefit to our students and community,” said Michael Jenkins, Ph.D., chairman of the Department of Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Criminology at The University of Scranton.
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