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Sky News Australia has terminated the employment of broadcaster Chris Smith effective immediately following an investigation into his conduct at an employee social event on the weekend.
The contract of broadcaster Chris Smith has been terminated effective immediately following an investigation by Sky News Australia into alleged misconduct at a recent social gathering.
Sky News Australia CEO Paul Whittaker said in a statement that Smith’s contract has been terminated due to allegations of “serious misconduct”.
“Following an investigation into allegations of serious misconduct, we have today advised Chris Smith that his contract with Sky News Australia has been terminated as a result of inappropriate behaviour that is in breach of his contract and company policy”, Mr Whittaker said.
“We continue to offer support to affected staff members whose welfare remains our primary concern.”
Sky News Australia hosts reacted to the reports of inappropriate behaviour by Smith on-air on Monday night.
Sky News Australia hosts Andrew Bolt & Rita Panahi have both addressed on air to viewers on Monday night the issues surrounding Chris Smith’s behaviour on the weekend.
Andrew Bolt told his viewers he wished Smith “good luck, but goodbye”.
“Now we are all good people here at Sky, we have a culture of looking after each other and if you betray that trust, besmirch our good name, offend women here, you’re out,” Bolt said in his editorial on Monday night.
“Chris, all the very best to you with getting over what you say is your addiction and your bipolar condition, but your recovery must take place somewhere else, not here.
“Good luck but goodbye”.
The issue was also discussed by host Rita Panahi in her Monday evening program, where she told her viewers that she believed Smith’s behaviour was “totally and utterly unacceptable”.
“Chris Smith has apologised for his appalling conduct but frankly that’s not enough,” Panahi said.
“Of course I hope he sorts out his various issues but what he did on Saturday night, how he made a number of women feel, means that in my opinion he can never be on this network again.”
Smith’s radio broadcasting contract has also reportedly been terminated by Nine Radio network 2GB.
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