Seven issues ultimatum to Cricket Australia – TV Tonight

Seven has reportedly issued a deadline to Cricket Australia of 5pm Tuesday night to accept their rights bid.
According to the Herald Sun, if they fail to do so,  Seven has told CA they will reconsider whether they want to stay part of the bidding process.
Cricket Australia chief executive Nick Hockley indicated yesterday morning that the new broadcast rights deal is not set to be signed off on now until the New Year given directors from Seven, Nine and Paramount, including James Warburton and Mike Sneesby, are either overseas or have been away.
Seven won’t necessarily withdraw from the bidding if the 5pm Tuesday deadline passes, but sources say the network will want answers on what the process entails from here before deciding whether or not to stay in the race – frustrated at a process they feel has been meandering.
Seven is already suing Cricket Australia in the Federal Court, but if their broadcasting offer is accepted, will drop the legal action.
Despite the deadline threat, cricket sources feel that current rights holders Seven and FOX Sports are still the most likely to land the new rights.
However the deadline may bring Paramount and Channel 10 back into the frame, which has already put a massive $1.5 billion deal on the table.
Paramount has also refused an approach from Seven to join forces for cricket rights in a clear message to Cricket Australia that its record $1.5 billion offer was ‘all or nothing.’
In the past few years, Channel 7 have been in a toxic relationship with CA when things that don’t go their own way. I am very annoyed with Channel 7’s attitude towards CA. As a cricket fan, it hurts.
The sooner 7 loses the cricket, the better. Now that I’m afraid that 7/Fox will retain the cricket rights.
Surely the powers that be at CBS need to replace the hierarchy at 10 if they lose the rights. Money does not seem to be the problem, it’s the way it’s being executed that’s in question.
Feels to me like if Seven weren’t with Fox Sports on this then it’d be all over for them, obviously Nine would use Stan and as Paramount says it’s all or nothing, so it’s Seven by default for FTA.
CA and Ch7 are both grubs, so deserve each other.
I hope Nine wins – cricket, rugby and tennis all on Stan would be very convenient.
What is one to believe? A few days ago newspaper reports said it looked like 10/Paramount or 9/Stan as the more likely to win the rights and now as stated above “current rights holders Seven and FOX Sports are still the most likely to land the new rights”.
Don’t recall seeing Paramount as the likely winner, but yes Nine were back in discussion.
It seems like Seven are doing everything they can to lose these rights.
Such a toxic relationship. Would be very unhealthy for Cricket Australia to remain in it.
Totally agree! They tried it with 7. Time to move on ir go back to 9.
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