Russia makes ‘destruction’ threat to Australia – Sky News Australia

The Kremlin’s latest warning in the Ukraine-Russia conflict included a direct threat to Australia as it outlined weaponry advancements in Vladimir Putin’s arsenal.
Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has sent a stern warning that his country is building new weapons to protect itself from Ukraine’s allies – and singled out Australia.
The threat comes only days after the United States gave Ukraine its tick of approval to start long-range attacks on tactical targets inside Russia in an effort to keep pressure on President Vladimir Putin’s forces.
The now deputy head of the Security Council in the Kremlin took to messaging app Telegram to flaunt the production of weapons and “means of destruction” against the West.
“We are increasing production of the most powerful means of destruction. Including those based on new principles,” Mr Medvedev said.
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“Our enemy dug in not only in the Kyiv province of our native Malorossiya. 
“It is in Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and a whole number of other places that pledged allegiance to the Nazi.”
Malorossiya means “Little Russia” and is a term that describes territories including Ukraine that used to be part of the Russian Empire.
The menacing message incorrectly poses allegations that Australia has Nazi allegiances and does not detail the type of weapons being built.
Mr Medvedev has regularly taken to social media to send messages that have been shared in the West.
However, the use of the word “destruction” in his latest post feeds into theories that the Russian President could be considering nuclear weapons to counter Ukraine’s territory gains.
Australian Strategic Policy Institute Dr Malcolm Davis has meanwhile said Ukraine and the US were working together on long-range air strikes to capitalise on Russia’s weakened position before its forces could launch a massive counter-offensive.
“That’s where the risk of tactical nuclear weapon use is greatest,” Dr Davis told Sky News Australia on Sunday.
“Even with these conventional attacks on Russian targets deep inside Russia that is a blow, it certainly does undermine Putin to a degree.”
Overnight, Ukraine forces attacked a hotel where members of Russia’s private Wagner military group – which has ties to the Kremlin and is considered to be Putin’s de facto private army – were gathered, according to a governor in Russian occupied Luhansk.
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