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Jon Heder revealed why he decided to leave Hollywood following his commercial success with the smash hit comedy film Napoleon Dynamite.
Following the release of Napoleon Dynamite, Jon Heder became a household name in comedy in 2004. Then, after 2007, it seemed like he fell off the face of the earth. Now, over a decade later, we know from the horse's mouth why it turned out that way.
While Heder stressed that he loved making movies, at some point, he realized that he wasn't about that life or as a celebrity while he lived in Hollywood. In an interview, he explained why he ultimately decided it wasn't worth staying in Hollywood despite establishing himself as a name in the entertainment industry.
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While being interviewed on Inside of You, Heder said that he left simply because the environment didn't suit him despite his love for filmmaking. "I love Hollywood for sure, but I think after a while, we were just like, 'It's hot here. It's so hot,'" Heder said while laughing. Heder then added that he was more comfortable returning to his home roots. "I love the Pacific Northwest having grown up there, so that's why we moved back." While Heder stressed that he felt like an outsider, he didn't mean that with negative connotations. "I did not grow up in Hollywood. I do not have Hollywood parents or any kind of pedigree or any family tree that worked in this business, so I'm here, I feel like an outsider. I have always the entire time I lived here, but not in a bad way. I kind of embraced it. That's kind of what set me apart a little bit."
Heder hasn't completely dropped off the map as an actor since 2007. The difference, though, after his heyday as an actor was that he was in much more minor roles compared to the major ones he had shortly after the release of Napoleon Dynamite, like Blades of Glory and School for Scoundrels. Even after his fame dwindled, he was still recognizable enough to make guest appearances in popular shows like How I Met Your Mother, The Legend of Korra, My Name is Earl, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Over the last several years, people have seen the hideous side of what Hollywood can do to a person. In light of its darker side getting exposed over the last few years, props to Heder for never falling into that trap by remaining the person he was after becoming famous for playing Napoleon Dynamite. He could have milked his fame to the last drop and possibly extended his time at the top a little longer. Instead, he knew when to take his ball and go home. He made plenty of money from Napoleon Dynamite alone, so from his perspective, what was the point of looking for more when he already cemented himself as a comedic legend through that very character?
And who's to say it's truly over for Heder? Hollywood has reached its most shameless era of rebooting movies and television shows all in hopes of cashing in on nostalgia. It's true that Fox tried to make a Napoleon Dynamite animated series when audiences had been way past the need to see a continuation of that story, but who's to say they can't add to that story 20 years after the movie's release? Hollywood truly is that desperate for a cash grab, so don't rule anything out.
Napoleon Dynamite can currently be streamed on HBO Max.
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Source: Inside of You/YouTube
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