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International students in Australia are still able to work unlimited hours while on a student visa
The Australian government has announced that restrictions on working hours per week for international students will not be reintroduced until at least mid-2023.
In January this year the government announced that all international students in Australia would be able to work more than 20 hours a week (40 hours a fortnight). 
This means that international students, working in any sector, are able to work an unlimited number of hours per week. 
To adhere to their visa requirements, students must remain enrolled on their university course and ensure “satisfactory course attendance” and “satisfactory course progress” while working. 
This change was made to help plug the shortage of workers that Australia currently faces as a result of its strict border closures during the Covid-19 pandemic. 
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An additional change that will benefit international students is that they will be able to stay and work in Australia for up to six years after graduation. 
These announcements was made at Australia’s Jobs and Skills Summit earlier this month. 
As of July 2022, international students and their families no longer need to prove their Covid-19 vaccination status when entering the country. This means that students entering Australia will no longer need to fill out a Digital Passenger Declaration and unvaccinated travellers will not need an exemption to travel.
These measures have been introduced to encourage more international students to choose Australia as a study destination after the country introduced some of the world’s strictest border closures during the pandemic.

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