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Days after his ouster from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), former chairman Ramiz Ramiz has made shocking revelations about the South Asian nation’s cricketing body.
Ex-PCB chief Ramiz Raja has hit out at the new management of the country’s cricket board, headed by former federal minister Najam Sethi, revealing that he wasn’t even allowed to collect his belongings from the body’s office after his ouster.
“To accommodate one person, Sethi to be precise, they had to change the entire constitution (of the PCB). I have not seen this anywhere in the world. It has been done in the middle of a season, when teams are visiting Pakistan. They have changed the chief selector, who had played Test cricket. At 2 am in the night, he (Sethi) tweets that Ramiz Raja is gone. This is my playing field. It hurts,” the former PCB chief said in a YouTube interaction with his fans.
Further intensifying his attack on the newly-appointed PCB management, Raja claimed that Sethi’s appointment to PCB’s top post was nothing but a political move taken by the Shehbaz Sharif government.
“It has been made out as if a messiah (Sethi) has come, who will take the game to new heights. We know what he is up to. He wants limelight at any cost. He has nothing to do with cricket, and has never lifted a bat. They have changed me midway. In the middle of the season, they are bringing Micky Arthur. Saqlain Mushtaq’s tenure was ending anyway in January. Saqlain has played over 50 (49) Tests, he is a legend. This is no way to treat the cricketers.” he added.
“It frustrates when you are told to step aside midway through after 12 months when you were given a term of three years. This is to fill a political person. It will not help cricket. It leads to pressure on the cricket board, system, national team and captain. The constitution has to be robust. It happens only in Pakistan. I will continue to raise the subject at international platforms. It has become a joke,” the 1992 World Cup winner pointed out.
“They did not allow me to take my stuff out of the office. They don’t have any interest in cricket. The constitution has been bulldozed. It is political victimization and vendetta. There will be no place for excellence when there is no continuity,” Ramiz Raja claimed.
Meanwhile, the current PCB management responded to Ramiz Raja’s allegations, denying that his personal belongings have been locked in the board’s office.
“All belongings of Ramiz Raja were collected by me as COO of the Pakistan Cricket Board prior to arrival of Najam Sethi on the morning of being notified and have been safely kept in PCB custody and will ofcourse be returned as a part of usual handing over/taking over process,” Salman Naseer, the chief operating officer of the country’s cricket board tweeted.
Ramiz Raja was appointed chairman of the PCB by Imran Khan when the 1992 World Cup-winning captain was Pakistan’s prime minister in September last year. He was appointed to the post for three years but was removed after only 12 months in office.
Pawan Atri ·
Pawan Atri ·
Pawan Atri ·
Before his departure, Ramiz Raja was involved in a continuing war of wards with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) over Team India’s participation in next year’s Asia Cup which will be held in Pakistan during the summer.
After BCCI secretary Jay Shah confirmed that the Men in Blue will not visit Pakistan to feature in the 2023 Asia Cup, Raja even threatened to withdraw from next year’s ODI Cricket World Cup in India.
“I’m all for India-Pakistan contests, I’ve said this on record,” Ramiz Raja told Sky Sports earlier this month. “I absolutely love the fans, and they like us as well – Pakistan has become a brand in international cricket, the players have got a fan following in India, and I know that the second most watched team in India after India is Pakistan, so they take interest in our development.
“We want to go and play, but the fact is it has to be on equal terms. You can’t be subservient to a certain cricket board. We’ve survived without India now for a good number of years. Pakistan have looked at the scales of economy in-house and somehow have survived extremely well,” he added.
“It’s not as if we don’t have hosting rights and we’re pleading to host it. We won the rights fair and square. If India doesn’t come, they won’t come. If the Asia Cup gets taken away from Pakistan, maybe we’re the ones that pull out,” Ramiz Raja said earlier this month.
“We’ve shown we can host great teams,” Ramiz said. “I can understand issues relating to bilateral cricket, but the Asia Cup is a multi-nation tournament, almost as big as the World Cup for the Asian bloc. Why give it to us in the first place and then make all those statements about India not traveling to Pakistan? I accept that India won’t come because the government won’t allow them to come – fine. But to take the Asia Cup away from the host on that basis isn’t right,” he signed off.
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