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London, UK, Dec. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — English with Lucy was created by Lucy Bella Simkins, who grew up in a tiny village in the English countryside and is dedicated to helping the world to speak English confidently and fluently.
Striving to demystify the method of learning a foreign language, Lucy endeavours to teach her students to enjoy the language-learning process, so they can feel proud of every word they say.
With over ten million students joining her on their journey to English fluency, English with Lucy has now launched an English Level Test where you can complete a number of grammar and vocabulary-focused questions to determine your current English level.
Learning English Made Easy
English With Lucy has a variety of engaging online English courses, in-depth lessons and pronunciation tutorials to help Lucy’s students learn English in a relaxed and enjoyable way.
She has just completed her British English Pronunciation Course (modern Received Pronunciation) and uses it to provide her students with a complete phonemic IPA Chart.
Based on the chart created
by Adrian Underhill, Lucy’s IPA chart lists all 44 vowel and consonant sounds in Received Pronunciation, including the following:
Monophthongs – This is a pure vowel sound with a relatively fixed articulation at its beginning and end.
Diphthongs – Also known as a gliding vowel, a diphthong is a combination of two adjacent vowel sounds within the same syllable.
Consonants – A speech sound that is not a vowel.
Free and interactive with Lucy herself showing you how to correctly pronounce each sound, Lucy’s IPA chart helps English beginners boost their knowledge of Received Pronunciation by clicking on any letter from the phonetic alphabet.
English with Lucy caters to students at all levels, from those who are just beginning to learn the English basics, to those who want to expand their vocabulary and reach a native understanding of the language.
Her English Level Test is broken down into several parts and tests students on their grammar, vocabulary and current understanding of the English language, before sending their results and recommended level via email.
Prospective learners can then choose from a variety of her English courses and lessons uniquely suited to their level and begin their English language journey.
Here are some examples of English With Lucy’s online courses:
The Slang Challenge
If you have spent extensive time learning English but still find yourself confused by common slang and phrases, then English with Lucy has a comprehensive course that can help transform your knowledge and understanding of British English slang in just 3 weeks.
The Business English Challenge
Is your English at a B1 or B2 (business English level) standard, but you wish to improve your professional English further?
Then Lucy can teach you essential business English that will give you the confidence to join any British company in only 30 days.
British Culture Listening Challenge
Suppose you wish to boost your listening skills and learn more about everyday British life and culture. In that case, English With Lucy has an engaging online listening course that can transform your listening skills in just 30 days.
The Fluency Challenge
When you find yourself understanding, writing and reading English to a high standard but are still struggling with speaking, Lucy can help you overcome your issues and learn to speak confidently, naturally and correctly.
With so many satisfied students praising English with Lucy as one of the best English courses online, if you are looking to improve your English with a range of interactive lessons and courses, sign up with Lucy today.
More information
For more about English with Lucy and a complete list of her English courses, lessons, and English Level test, please visit the website at https://englishwithlucy.com/.
Source: https://thenewsfront.com/english-with-lucy-launches-english-level-test/

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