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The Education Minister Roger Jaensch has again demonstrated his lack of understanding of the role of the Studentworks program in Northern Tasmania, with his latest plans setting the program up for failure.
The Minister has continuously shown his contempt for Studentworks and the meaningful work and educational outcomes a properly resourced and supported program can offer.
Back in July, he was caught out trying to shut Studentworks down by the end of the year and when he was forced to abandon his plans, he then promised a review that would deliver a sustainable future for the program.
But Mr Jaensch’s announcement yesterday that the program will become part of the T4 engagement program shows a complete lack of understanding of the value of Studentworks.
This is a lost opportunity to invest in rebuilding Studentworks and creating meaningful partnerships for young people in the north, for whom the traditional education model doesn’t work.
The fact that the Minister made the announcement during the Studentworks open day adds insult to injury – with the excellence of the original program on full display.
To see kids who struggled in the traditional educational model achieve excellent attendance records and improved outcomes just highlights the importance of this type of program.
It is beyond disappointing that Mr Jaensch cannot put the needs of these children first and do everything he can to invest in their future.
Michelle O’Byrne MP
Labor Member for Bass
Tasmanian Labor Level 2, 63 Salamanca Place HOBART TAS   7000
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