Cricket Club of India member suspended for jumping from clubhouse, running shirtless – The Indian Express

The Cricket Club of India on Tuesday suspended a member of the club as he was found “deliberately jumping” from the railings of the first floor of the clubhouse and was also found running shirtless on the ground towards the cricket pitch. The incident took place on the intervening night of December 17 and 18.
As the video of the incident went viral and was brought to the notice of the club management, they identified the member and stated (in the suspension letter) that he had come with guests to watch the Women’s T20 International on December 17.
The club authorities also served him a show cause notice on December 19 and sought a written explanation for his gross misconduct and irresponsible behaviour. The member instead emailed his explanation, accepting his misconduct, and sought a personal hearing by the Executive Committee.
“The Executive Committee considered all available material on record and found the member, prima facie, guilty of gross misconduct and accordingly decided to suspend his membership of the club with immediate effect with all consequential penalties associated with the suspension, pending further enquiries and his personal appearance before the Executive Committee,” read the notice issued by the secretary N. K. Jha.
When The Indian Express reached out to the club’s landline number, a person working with the membership team confirmed the incident and said the member has been suspended and he and his dependents are not allowed to enter the club.
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