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Jake Auchincloss, the first-term congressman representing the 4th District of Massachusetts, became internet-famous on Wednesday after Joe Biden mispronounced his last name.
Auchincloss represents Somerset and was at the president’s speech about the executive actions he planned to take on climate change. Biden was visiting the former coal-fired Brayton Point power plant, to announce new actions on climate change.
He is the vice chairman of the Financial Services Committee and a member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.
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One of the Republican National Committee’s Twitter accounts took umbrage at the fact that “Biden completely butchers Rep. Jake Auchincloss’s name, then asks, ‘Where is she?'”
The Twitter bio on the account says “Exposing the lies, hypocrisy, and failed far-left policies of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party. Managed by the Republican National Committee.”
A Harvard graduate, Auchincloss served as a captain in the U.S. Marines and worked as a senior manager at Solaria Labs at Liberty Mutual Insurance. He has served on the Newton City Council since 2015 and is chairman of Newton’s transportation and public safety committee.
Auchincloss didn’t appear to hold any hard feelings, tweeting out “I’ve been called worse.”
He also tweeted out “Thanks for the lift, @POTUS!” after the event. The tweet included two photos of Auchincloss and Biden on Air Force One.
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The pronunciation is written phonetically as: aa-kuhn-klass.
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