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In my roughly five years of education reporting, I’ve met many superintendents. I’ve seen them come and go, improve districts and change communities. 
But I’ve never met one quite like Angélica Ramsey. I’ve never had the opportunity to cover a school district with a superintendent who is a Hispanic woman like me. Or, to cover someone who represents a majority of the demographic makeup of their district. Fort Worth ISD is 64% Hispanic. 
The first time I met her, we talked about her own education experience and how it shapes her leadership style today. We talked about coffee shop recommendations in Fort Worth, our families, her service in the military and her plans for the district.
One takeaway from our conversation is this: She’s a fighter, and she intends to fight for the students of Fort Worth.
We intend to hold Ramsey accountable to that promise. As an education reporter, I want to see the children of this city succeed. I want them to get a good education in safe schools. My hope is to see them thrive in environments that give them space to grow and learn.
My hope is Ramsey is able to do that. My hope is she will lead the district with integrity, empathy and keep a love of the students at the heart of her decisions. 
My final hope is this: That my favorite story is able to give you, this community, some hope for your children as well.
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by Kristen Barton, Fort Worth Report
December 26, 2022
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